Pretty brutal winter down here this year. It appears that our speckled trout may have taken a big hit.  They have closed the season down on trout until June 15th. However, last time they did that we couldn’t keep the trout off our lures.  Time will tell. The good news is the reds are doing fine and we’ve been able to continue to catch them – even in water in the 40s.

On another note,  my May cobia season is booking fast as well as many summer dates. Let’s start thinking about a fishing trip with Salt Minded Charters! Thanks everyone for the support.

Lastly, there has been a slight increase in my rates. This was simply to stay in line with everyone else’s rates.  We don’t try to undercut eachother.  You can view those on the info page.

Here is a shot a small school of slot drum I found yesterday in a foot of water.


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